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The Resource Sharing Page is a place where we can post links to articles and other resources that support us in our work. We welcome your comments on these materials and suggestions of links to others that have helped you. (You must be logged in to post comments.) 

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Living Our Faith, by Gwen Halsted and Mary Kay Rehard. This is a book of lessons for ages 5-13. There are multiple lessons for various Quaker testimonies. Each lesson introduces a biblical passage related to a testimony, several queries related to the passage, and ideas for related games and art projects. 

From Indianapolis First Friends: "Quaker Affirmation Curriculum" 

"A curriculum envisioned, created, and developed as a way to guide and educate young Friends in their Quaker faith, similar to Confirmation Classes or Bar/Bat Mitzvah studies found in other faiths. For any Quaker Meeting or Church, the program is designed for middle and high-school students, but it can instruct and enliven Friends of any age."

The materials on Indy First's website, "are provided without representations or warranties of any kind.  If you have questions or concerns about any of these materials, please contact us at  We first used this in our own Meeting, and now we offer it as a free download for all.  We welcome any donations you would like to make to this project. Please make a check payable to: Indianapolis First Friends Meeting, 3030 Kessler Boulevard East Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46220."

"Through discussions and activities, this 10-month curriculum takes students on a journey of exploration through Quaker History, the testimonies, the different methods that Quakers use to discern God’s voice, Quaker theology, Quaker artists and changemakers, how Quakerism compares to other religions, as well as their own developing beliefs and spirituality."

Required downloads (Student Manual, Teacher Manual, and Presentation Materials for display during classes) can be downloaded from the meeting website:


"Finding the Light In You: Bright Silent Worship with Young Friends" 

From Marjorie McKelvey Isaacs, Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting

Photography by Eugenia M. Mills

From FGC Quakerbooks:  "Finding the Light In You supportively guides the process of nurturing children’s silent worship skills. Guided imagery, richly illustrated with color photos, provides a bridge from abstract adult silent worship to child-sized conversations with the Inner Light of God. In this practical handbook, Marjorie supportively explains how to help children create their own safe inner space for silent worship activities like giving thanks, asking for divine help, and appreciating creation in nature. [...] An easy-going style is brightened with interesting true stories, and occasional touches of whimsy. Bright Silent Worship gives clear explanations and caring practical support to anyone who wants to help children discover their own stories, visually create an internal safe place, and experience the Light within all of us."

Available from FGC Quakerbooks: OR contact us at and we'll put you in touch with Marjorie to order a copy.