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Quaker Summer Sleep-Away Opportunities for Kids

Quaker camps across the US are another form of ministry with children and youth, and one where many young people -- Friends and friends -- experience Quaker community. We'll be doing a series of posts with links to camp websites on the QREC Facebook page and adding this information to the QREC website as we assemble it. Registration for some begins in early December and some fill their spaces fast.

Most Friends Camps are affordable and provide a range of activities. Thanks to Michael Beer for assembling this list.

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Camps

Other east coast Quaker camps include: (some have programs for children as young as 6)

Farm and Wilderness has 5 overnight camps in Vermont: (also a day camp - Barn Day Camp - https://farmandwilderness.org/barn-day-camp/ )

Camps devoted to the Performing Arts:

More camps that are non-profits, or connected to Yearly Meetings:

Friends camps with a more Christian focus:

Camps owned by individual Friends that are grounded in Quaker values:

Other summer opportunities for kids of ALL ages:

  • Friend General Conference. Gathering at Niagara Falls, First week of July 2017. http://www.fgcquaker.org/connect/gathering

  • Many residential Yearly Meeting Gatherings are fabulous places for kids to attend.

  • Some Yearly Meetings have quarterly High School and Middle School conferences.

  • Many Friends Schools host summer day camps.

  • Many Friends camps also have family camps and work camps.