Singing the Christmas Story

Another way of remembering the Christmas story
Publication date: 
Friday, December 4, 2015

Some fifty years ago at Radnor Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, a group of parents wanted the Christmas celebration to start with a pause to reflect on the spiritual meaning and joy of Christmas.  For us Christmas had always been closely connected to the carols which were not frequently sung by Quakers in those days. In fact we had to clear with the meeting to be allowed to bring instruments into the meeting house. The celebration has continued over these many years.

We sing the carols arranged to tell the Christmas story. The meeting house is lit with candles and just enough electrical lights that attenders can see the words to the carols. The piano or instruments lead us from carol to carol. The arrangement of the carols can be adapted as the group wishes. A copy of the arrangement we have used is attached.

Christmas story, carols