QREC Conversation Circles

Conversation Circles are online video conferences which provide a space for Quaker religious educators across geographic regions to share and collaborate about why and how they do their work. Each conversation has a different topic. Participants self select and about 10 participants can join on each call. Notes from Conversations Cirlces are posted as they are ready.

Below are the notes from past conversations which are rich with descriptions of the joys and challenges being experienced in Quaker faith formation through religious education today.

Watch this website for announcements of future Conversation Circles or email us at quakercollaborative4re@gmail.com with ideas for conversation topics.

Friends and the Bible series: Fall 2017

Introduction and Invitation: Quakers and the Bible: Online Conversation Circles

Notes from three Conversation Circles:

Friends and the Bible: October 19

Friends and the Bible: October 26

Link to recording of October 26 "Friends and the Bible" conversation -- COMING SOON

Introducing children to the Bible in Quaker religious education: November 9 

Resources shared in the series: 

Mad Lib Psalms -- A Family Worship at Friends Meeting at Cambridge, shared by Christel Jorgenson

Loves and Fishes: Feeding the Children in Your Meeting shared by Christel Jorgenson

Resources that help when teaching the Bible shared by Sally Farneth 

Bible Cake Recipe and Answer Sheet shared by Sally Farneth 

Religious Education Resources for Introducing Children to the Bible compiled by Melinda Wenner Bradley

Bible Resources shared by Mark Barker Concord (NH) Friends Meeting

Finding Jesus, Discovering Self Chapter 2, p. 8, “Beginning the Journey” shared by Dean Olson, Grass Valley Meeting

Friendly Bible Study by Joanne and Larry Spears

Walter Wink: Transforming Bible Study

Conversation Circles in 2016:

Supporting Parents in Contributing to Meeting Life

Spiritual Partnership Between Meetings and Friends Schools

Mentoring Young Friends in the Meeting Community

Link to recording of "MentoringYoung Friends" conversation

Conversation Circles in 2015:

Conversation on Welcoming Families to Quaker Meeting

Conversation on Welcoming Newcomers to Quaker Meeting

Conversation on Welcoming Young Adult Friends to Quaker Meeting