Seeking Wonder and Light in the Spirit of this Season

Friendly Resources for Advent and the Coming of Christmas

This is a place to share resources and ideas for learning about and celebrating the Christmas season.

  • How do we approach this as Friends?
  • What can we share with RE colleagues from our experiences?
  • What can we share with families in our communities?

We offer these resources in hopes that you will use them, create others and share the wonder of this season in FDS and beyond in your meeting or church.

Please post here in the comment section* or on the QREC Facebook page to share further questions and ideas about how we can create a Friendly season of wonder, peace, hope and joy! To share a suggested resource, please send to

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We did our own "Quaker" lessons and carols in Menomonie Meeting (WI).  Children move wooden nativity figures as they hear each song.  Vocal ministry from the silence between readings and song was powerful.