FWCC-QuakerSpeak Curricula

Celebrate our World Family of Friends!

QREC has partnered with Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) to create materials to accompany five FWCC-QuakerSpeak videos being released in 2016-17. 

The short videos are wonderful places to begin an exploration of Quakers worldwide, including what we share across geographic and theological differences. 

 A truly global effort went into bring you these materials -- special thanks to Orlando Friends Meeting (Florida) and Hill House Meeting (Accra, Ghana) for working together to share their activities from FWCC World Quaker Day 2015. All materials (including webinar) will be available in Spanish as well as English on the World Quaker Day website

1. FWCC-QuakerSpeak Videos:  

 "Listening in Tongues" 

 "How Many Quakers Are There in the World?"

"The Top 10 Reasons I Am a Quaker" 

"A Quaker Approach to Sustainability"

"Are You A Quaker?" 

2. Resources and Lesson Materials to Accompany Videos: suggestion lessons, planning guides, bibliography, stories, songs, games and more.

Listening in Tongues     Escuchando en Lenguas 

How Many Quakers Are There in the World?      ¿Cuántos Cuáqueros hay alrededor del mundo? 

The Top 10 Reasons I Am a Quaker     10 Razones Principales por las que Soy un Cuáquero 

A Quaker Approach to Sustainability*     Enfoque Cuáquero sobre la sostenibilidad 

Are You A Quaker?     ¿Eres un Cuáquero? 


*Additional Lesson Materials to Accompany A Quaker Approach to Sustainability  "The Gifts of Creation" 

3. Religious Education Community of Practice Resource Guide  La Guía Práctica de Recursos para la Comunidad Cuáquera (for using the videos and accompanying materials) 

4. QREC-FWCC Webinar on Using RE Resources: can be found here or at the bottom of this page: http://fwccamericas.org/events/worldquakerday.shtml 

*Note: Friends may want to begin watching at Minute 14 when the guided teaching section with Beth Collea begins. 

Additional resources can be found -- and the invitation to share YOUR experiences on October 2, 2016 -- on the #WQD2016 site: www.worldquakerday.org